Watch these Oscar-nominated films online

Catch up on the movies that could take home an Academy Award on Amazon, Netflix and iTunes.

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Japanese app lets you know if your colleagues are hogging the bathroom

New software from Japan will let you know if the toilet cubicles in your office building or shopping mall are occupied.

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WhatsApp?s new update on ?Status? is now live across globe

WhatsApp?s new update on ?Status? is now live across globe

Whatsapp Status Update

WhatsApp as of late redesigned its “Status” highlight. The component has now been taken off comprehensively. The organization imparted the same through an email, expressing that the new status was presently live over the globe, on iPhones, Android and Windows gadgets.

WhatsApp propelled the new component a few days prior. The remodeled Status is accessible in an all new tab in the WhatsApp interface, and gives you a chance to share enriched photographs, recordings, and GIFs with companions. Like Snapchat Stories, all that you share here vanishes following 24 hours.

Learn how WhatsApp?s new status works?

WhatsApp Status is presently accessible for all clients over the globe. Beginning today, iPhone, Android and Windows clients can send photographs, recordings and GIFs through Status to impart uncommon minutes during their time to loved ones.

WhatsApp additionally shared a couple tips with respect to how the component could be conveyed to the best impact.

So for instance, you can share who can see your announcement. Basically go to WhatsApp’s security settings, and from that point on, you can pick the general population who will get your refresh.

How to change status in whatsapp?

You can choose from the accompanying three choices: “my contacts,” “contacts aside from? ” and “just impart to? ”

You can likewise observe who has seen your notice. Basically tap the eye symbol at the base of any Notice. When you do as such, a total rundown of contacts who have seen your refresh will precede you. Cool, isn’t that so? Bad fortune to every one of those stalkers out there who were rubbing their hands in merriment at the possibility of having somewhere else to utilize out their exchange.

WhatsApp likewise permits you to view somebody’s Notice and afterward answer utilizing a catch, that permits you to remark on any photograph, video, or GIF. Just tap answer before somebody’s notice and your message will be sent in type of a WhatsApp visit with the thumbnail of the Notice

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Someone just bought an oil tanker on China’s eBay

You can buy anything you want on Taobao, including sea vessels… if you have $11 million to spare.

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Would you pay $8,000 for a dancing J-Pop robot?

If so, you’re in luck!

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The Chase Sapphire Preferred is Still the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card for Most People

The Chase Sapphire Preferred easily won our reader vote for best travel rewards credit card, and whether you’re a seasoned points maximizer or just dipping your toes in, you should have a Preferred in your rotation.

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Michael Keaton on lessons startups can learn from ‘The Founder’

The star of “The Founder” on how the true-life tale of a little 1950s startup called McDonald’s reminded him of a certain social network.

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FYI, a ‘doomsday asteroid’ isn’t set to wipe us out this month

Conspiracy theories online warn of a catastrophic collision Thursday. While the asteroid exists, there’s no hard evidence of a threat, or of the “scientist” sending the warning.

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Star Wars Force Friday strikes back before ‘The Last Jedi’

May the unboxings be with you when Disney unleashes a slew of new Star Wars products to feed the consumer fervor for “The Last Jedi.”

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‘The Founder’: Greed tastes good for the man who stole McDonald’s

Michael Keaton excels as the man who turned a 1950s startup called McDonald’s into an empire — at the expense of the McDonald family.

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